While preparing one other talk I've ran into a funny feature of Paperscape that allows to view a graph of references or citations of a certain paper on arXiv. Moreover, such graph can be referred as a link (as stated in this post).

So here is the citations' projection of the original SIESTA paper onto the arXiv manifold - the overall number of citations of that publication is one order of magnitude higher, spanning over 11,5+k citing papers in total!

Funny thing, according to Miguel Pruneda that long-distance connection with "dark matter" area must be through a work on electronic stopping power for detectors. Or it may as well be a clustering artifact...

And connected is one new star in this sub-Universe, referring to its massive predecessor: SIESTA: recent developments and applications. Their relations are visible on the - yet not very bright - references graph (mind the "heavy star" to the bottom right):

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